NYC Airport Guide – EWR, JFK, or LGA?

If you’re considering travel to the NYC Metro area you are likley wondering which airport is the best fit for your travel needs. Air travel near New York City is one of the busiest in the world. On the ground it can be even more overwhelming. What airport you choose is often based on the airline fares but using this approach can often be more expensive when you factor is travel to and from your destination.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

A major hub for many major airlines including United, EWR is a good choice if you’re staying on the west side of Manhattan or New Jersey. If your destination lies away from the west side or Queens or Brooklyn then travel is likely to be both expensive and time-consuming.

Travel Options

There are several options for travellers to and from Newark Airport.

  • New Jersey Transit is a relatively easy option to get from EWR to midtown NYC ad back. It takes approximately 30 minutes and cost around $13. Trains between Penn Station and EWR run nearly all day.
  • The Newark Airport Express Shuttle takes travellers to all EWR terminals and midtown Manhattan. Rates start at $17 and takes around 17 minutes.
  • Taxi rides will likely run from $50-$70 to and from Manhattan and even more from other boroughs.
  • Ride shares like Uber and Lyft will run anywhere from $30-$50 or more depending on the time of day

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Another frequent choice for domestic travel is LaGuaria airport with popular airlines such as Delta, American Airlines, JetBlue, United and more. If your destination includes midtown or uptown Manhattan or the north side of Brooklyn LGA is your closest option.

Travel Options

  • Public options are limited to and from LGA since you’ll first need to take a bus. Bus fares are relatively inexpensive however and rates to multiple locations run around $3.
  • Taxi rides are an option to midtown Manhattan with rates starting anywhere between $25-$40 (plus tip and tolls). Of course traffic will play a large role in your final cost.
  • The NYC Aiporter is another option with shuttles that cost $16 one-way or $30 round-trip and offers central destinations such as Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
  • Ride shares will likely cost between $30-$40 depending on the time of day.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

If you’re staying in lower Brooklyn (farther south than Williamsburg) or the east side of Brooklyn, JFK is likely your closest option. A major hub for JetBlue it’s a very popular airport for travellers in the NYC area.

Travel Options

  • JFK is one of the easier airports for public transit. The AirTrain is JFK’s airport shuttle service and connects to the Long Island Railroad, Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and Penn Station.
  • The New York Airporter Shuttle Service offers rides to and from JFK and Port Authority and Grand Cental for $19 one-way and $35 round-trip.
  • Taxi rides are fixed-rate between JFK and anywhere in Manhattan for $52 (plus tip and tolls).
  • Ride shares are estimated to be around $75 between JFK and north Brooklyn.