FAA Plans to Move Air Traffic Control to Philidelphia

newark airportIn June, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plans to shift the air traffic management responsibilities for Newark Airport from the New York area to Philadelphia. This move involves transferring control from New York’s Terminal Radar Approach Control (N90) to the control tower at Philadelphia International Airport. This decision, a result of an agreement with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, aims to address the record-breaking passenger volumes and challenges of the past year, including significant delays and cancellations during peak travel seasons.

Despite these difficulties, Newark Airport ended the year with a historic high of 49.1 million passengers. The shift is part of a broader strategy to improve air traffic control efficiency in the Northeast Corridor, enhancing staffing, training, and modernization of facilities. This adjustment coincides with an industry forecast predicting a record number of travelers this spring. The FAA’s efforts also include hiring new air traffic controllers to address staffing shortages highlighted in a recent U.S. Inspector General’s report. However, the FAA has not commented on whether this change will affect flight schedules or air traffic routes previously adjusted to mitigate control issues at Newark.