Productivity on the Go: Tips for the Business Traveler

tips for business travellerIf you do a fair amount of travel for your job or your own business, getting work done on-the-go can be challenging, and the effort is often frustrating. To make your exertions more effective, first identify what you’re combating. Typically, this includes a lack of traditional work space, distractions, burnout, boredom, and limited time. Identify your biggest obstacles and then work to overcome or adapt.

Lack of Workspace

This requires some creativity, preparation and adaptability. Happily, airlines, airports and hotels offer several options for travelers who hope to work in their spaces. Do your research when booking your flights and hotels. Check for Wi-Fi availability and any special perks for business travelers that may be helpful in supporting your productivity.

Synchronize all your data and calendar everything on your schedule with detailed notes before you leave. Charge all your electronics prior to hitting the road, and bring along your chargers, including portable options. Be sure to pack them where they’re easily accessible. Include a notebook, pen and pencil. Being wired to the internet and your electronics isn’t an around-the-clock requirement to get work done. You can jot down notes, ideas, make plans, schedules, lists and much more the old-fashioned way when it’s inconvenient or simply not possible to take advantage of technology.

Managing Distractions, Boredom and Burnout

Airports, airplanes, train stations and even hotels are typically bustling, busy areas with plenty of distractions. Combat them with noise-cancelling headphones, music, podcasts and a determined mindset. The music and podcasts can help tackle boredom, as well.

To further manage boredom and burnout, be sure to give yourself some downtime. Relax, read, rest and recharge when you can. Enjoy the scenery and take advantage of any appealing perks available to you. There’s a reason a happy “work/life balance” is such a popular goal. Embrace it.  It’s also important to eat right as often as possible. Choose small, light meals that provide energy, rather than heavy carb-laden fast food that overfills you and leaves you feeling drained and sleepy. Don’t forget to drink lots of water.

Limited Time

Face it. Finding enough time to get everything done is a problem in most any situation, not just during travel. So, your first tip is to approach this issue realistically. Don’t assume you’re going to complete a huge project during your flights, layovers and hotel downtime. Instead, calculate how much “free” time you project you’ll have, and then plan to be truly productive for only a third of that time. Pick your work tasks accordingly.

Even if you do manage to carve out more than one-third of your planned on-the-go work time, the upside is that you can take care of small tasks that have been sitting on the back burner during this unexpected time windfall.

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