Newark Airport’s Terminal One Set To Open in 2021

terminal oneAs the airline industry continues to struggle with COVID-19 the Terminal One project at Newark Airport continues. The project, $2.7 billion dollar project is expected to be around 60% complete by the fall of 2020. It’s expected to be completed and open to the public by late 2021. The project is expected to be completed on time despite the hardships presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Once complete it is expected to replace the existing Terminal A and provide a huge increase to passenger volume.

“These infrastructure projects are about the long-term, so when this project opens in about 18 months, we expect that travel will have picked up,” Cotton told TAPinto Newark. “Obviously, we don’t know exactly how much, but this has a 30-year time horizon, and we are completely confident that travel will resume. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.”