Newark Airport’s New Terminal A is Set To Open Next Week

newark terminal ANewark Airport’s new Terminal A is set to open next week, bringing with it a host of new amenities and features for travelers.

“The Port Authority is pleased to announce that the first flights in and out of Newark Liberty’s new, world-class Terminal A will commence on Jan. 12th,” Tom Pietrykoski, an authority spokesperson, said in a statement.

The new terminal, which has been under construction for the past several years, will feature a state-of-the-art design and modern conveniences. It will have more than 50 new food and retail options, including local favorites and popular chain restaurants. There will also be a variety of shopping options, from designer brands to souvenir shops.

In addition to the new dining and shopping options, Terminal A will feature a number of amenities to make the airport experience more comfortable for travelers. These include comfortable seating areas with power outlets and charging stations, as well as a number of art installations and interactive displays.

One of the most exciting features of the new terminal is its use of technology to streamline the travel experience. Self-service kiosks will allow travelers to check in and print their boarding passes, while baggage drop-off and security checkpoints will be equipped with the latest technology to speed up the process.

Overall, the new Terminal A is sure to be a welcome addition to Newark Airport, offering travelers a more convenient and enjoyable experience.