Newark Airport Offering Passengers COVID Testing

COVID-19 Testing is now available for all incoming and outgoing passengers at Newark International Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport.

“You are going to be able to come in as a passenger and get tested, or an employee. You could get the COVID test or the antibody,” says Port Authority Chair Kevin O’Toole.

All incoming and outgoing passengers are able to get tested for COVID-19 which includes an antibody test. The goal is to ensure passengers feel safe about their travel through EWR.

Starting October 7th they are now offering rapid tests that can produce results in as little as 13 minutes. The tests, offered by XpresCheck have not been FDA cleared but its use is authorized by the FDA under emergency use authorization. The company is also looking at providing lab results directly to patients to show they’ve been tested and ensure hassle-free travel avoiding any quarantines.

Passengers are invited to take the test without appointments.