Airport Car Service from Toms River to Newark Airport (EWR)

Navigating your way to Newark, NJ in time for a flight, while still having to consider traffic, parking accommodations, luggage, and check-in, might be more than you’d like to handle. There is no need to endure the stress of trying to figure out how to get to Newark International Airport (EWR) for your flights or how to get back when your trip is over. Let the professional car service of Central Jersey Transportation be your ride. With our Toms River Car Service, your trip to the Newark Airport can be affordable and, if you want it to be, quite stylish!

toms river to ewr
NJ Car Service Reservation Toms River NJ

From Toms River to EWR

With one of our privately driven vehicles, you won’t have to park your own car at the airport. Even the best parking garages are vulnerable to thieves and vandals, and your vehicle may not be as protected as you think. It would be much better off at home in your garage, and you’d be better off riding with us. Besides, an airport parking lot may cost as much as $35 a day, your car service from CJT may cost that in total (depending on your location). Of course, you could take a cab; but experience has shown that many people leave items behind. Plus, cabs are cramped with barely enough room for all of your luggage. So hire a car service.

With our high-quality airport taxi, you can have individualized door-to-door service and help with your bags. There will be plenty of room in your privately chauffeured vehicle and no rush when you arrive. Our drivers will monitor traffic patterns in the area as well as your flight’s departure time, making sure you arrive on time. Their knowledge and experience will ensure the fastest possible route. Then, when it’s time to return from your trip, we’ll make sure you get back to the comforts of your home as fast as possible. We’ll watch your arrival time and be there when you land, ready to load your luggage and drive you home.

Ocean County -EWR Airport:$127.00+20% service fee
Ocean County (LBI) - EWR Airport:$165.00+20% service fee
Ocean County – PHL Airport:$145.00+20% service fee
Ocean County (LBI) - PHL Airport:$175.00+20% service fee
Ocean County – ACY Airport:$110.00+20% service fee
Ocean County – JFK Airport:$230.00+20% service fee
Ocean County – LGA Airport:$230.00+20% service fee
Ocean County – Bayonne Cruise Piers:$140.00+20% service fee
Ocean County – NY Cruise Piers:$205.00+20% service fee
Ocean County - NYC$205.00+20% service fee
Ocean County ( LBI ) - JFK $280.00+ 20% service fee
Ocean County (LBI ) -LGA$280.00 +20%service fee

Rely on our experience

The roads to Newark, NJ can be congested and down-right impassible at times. Constantly checking inconsistent flight times is an extra hassle when you already have so much to worry about. Central Jersey Transportation will do the work for you. You’ll be able to relax on your ride to the airport. Our fleet of car service vehicles range from lavish limos to trendy town cars to sizeable SUVs. Whether you’re flying solo or with your entire family, we can offer you a ride that meets your travel demands. No matter what, CJT in Toms River, New Jersey is the answer to your airport car service needs.