Newark Airport AirTrain Problems

car service toms riverWith Newark Airport being one of the biggest airports in the country anytime there is a malfunction with the airports operational setup it makes for a major headache for travelers. Nothing has caused more problems for travellers than the AirTrain at Newark Airport. The AirTrain was originally opened in 1996 and the purpose was to make the life convenient for passengers and customers alike, however since its inception it’s been plauged with problems.

The 3-mile system is setup to take customers from the parking lots to the terminal at ease. It has stops at all 3 of the terminals and from the looks of it, it’s an ideal system to move people around the massive Newark Airport complex with ease, yet it’s been plagued with issues since the beginning. Customers are reporting being stuck on the AirTrain with it constantly losing power and or having some type of operational issue the renders it inoperable.

Reports of AirTrain Problems

We here at CJT have a direct link into the Port Authority which owns and operates Newark Airport and so we get real time alerts when thing happen at the airport that the public needs to be made aware of. So our staff did some analytical studies and have found that the AirTrain has been out of service on average 3 to 4 times a week varying at different times of the day. Customers using the AirTrain are primarily customers who are traveling to the Newark Airport and have decided to brave it and drive and park. Those customers in our opinion are risking it based upon the out of service data numbers on the AirTrain. There is nothing more frustrating than getting to the airport and not being able to get to the plane because of something impeding you that was designed to make life easier.

No Solution in Sight

The Port Authority has a capital improvement plan to update infrastructure for facilities owned by the agency. Their budget is $30 billon dollars and not a SINGLE penny is going to replace or improve the AirTrain. There clearly is no interest in investing in the quality of travelers, after all this train was built to make navigating easier. The AirTrain cost $769 million to build and the fact the no money is being allocated to improve the three mile system is mind boggling. Newark Airport handles 37 million customers annually and 2 million people us the AirTrain according to the Port Authority. The delays are commonplace and can mean you being late for a flight or missing it all together. Two weeks ago the AirTrain was shut down for two hours with customers stuck on it.

Our Car Service is the Better Solution

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