Entertaining Your Clients in Toms River

entertaining in toms river

Toms River is a great location to show your clients a good time while they’re in town. There are wonderful restaurants and entertainment venues, and our proximity to the water opens up even more stellar options. But location isn’t the only consideration. There are several things you can do to help ensure that your client truly enjoys any dinner or event you host. Review some valuable tips here.


It’s a good idea to use the same restaurant for all your client entertainment dinners. Pick a top Toms River spot and establish a relationship with the staff and manager. Tardi’s Ristorante Italiano, Xina, Il Giardinello, and Social 37 are a few local favorites. Once you’ve frequented your chosen Toms River eatery a few times, you should be able to identify the best server for your needs. Be sure to request this person when you call the manager to schedule your business lunch or dinner. Always tip generously at the end of your meal.


Eating out is a proven method for client entertainment and should remain in your repertoire. But, there’s no reason you can’t add some more unique or active options when you are able to take your client out more than once or twice. Golf is a tried and true activity for business meetings. Bey-Lea Golf Course and Toms River Country Club are a couple of popular options. River Lady offers dinner cruises on Barnegat Bay and Toms River for a memorable evening. For a true out-of-the-box choice, check out the East Coast Escape Room.

Special Touches

When scheduling your meal, always work directly with the manager, rather than a reservationist. A nice touch is to pre-order some delicious appetizers and arrange to have them delivered to your table as soon as you and your guests arrive. Pre-arranging some very special off-menu dishes can make a great impression, as well. Requesting a short table drop-in from the chef or manager is another way to make your client feel special. Call a few days in advance to ensure everything is set. Consider taking care of your bill then to avoid waiting at the restaurant after the meal. Hiring a car service or even a Limo to ferry your client to and from your venue is a smart choice and delivers the message that you are willing to go the extra mile for your clientele.

Embrace these tips and look for other opportunities to stand out when entertaining clients here in Toms River. Planning and extra effort can go a long way towards creating a memorable impact on your guest.