Car Rental Prices Surge Amid Travel Increase

Surging demand and limited supply cause price hikes when renting a car.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic airlines and car rental companies have shed supply to deal with limited demand. Hertz, who owns sub-brands as well, filed for bankruptcy in May and was forced to sell thousands of cars in their fleet. The result is sticker shock when renting a car at Newark Aiport (EWR).

As car rental companies are responding to the change in this trend as more people are vaccinated and air travel increases but it’s severely behind in ramping up. Travelers across the US have cited limited supply. During spring break in Florida 18 of 20 car rental facilities were sold out of rental cars. In Newark, passengers have noted a 3X increase in the cost of renting a vehicle. And the problem seems to be getting worse before it gets better. Travelers to Newark Airport who fail to book early may be either shut out or be faced with surging prices.

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