Airport Parking Rates at Newark Airport Are Crazy Expensive

newark airport

Parking rates in and around Newark Airport (EWR) have spiked hard in 2022. It wasn’t too long ago airport parking for EWR was somewhat reasonable but this holiday season travelers are in for some serious sticker shock.

The rate hikes are largely driven by supply and demand. The supply has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic when airport travel was severely affected. With that decline in demand, many parking lots and other parking facilities were forced to downsize or close altogether. Now that the pandemic is over, airline travel demand has again spiked above the levels we had seen pre-pandemic. The remaining facilities, many of them owned by the Port Authority, are now charging exorbitant prices.

If you were to park at Newark Airport today, November 18th, 2022, you could expect to pay nearly $500 for a week of parking at a nearby lot at EWR. Even with a 24-hour advance notice that price is roughly $329 for premium space. There are some cheaper options but they come with the disadvantages of using a tram or bus. You can view current pricing here.

Many travellers are looking for alternatives such as public transportation. Another great option is booking a car service to Newark Airport.