A Complete Travelers Guide to Newark Airport (EWR)

EWR Airport OverviewNewark Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the U.S. with three terminals. Make the most of your travel with our guide to EWR. We discuss transportation between terminals, parking, where to pass the time if necessary and where to relax for a bite to eat.

About Newark Airport

Newark Airport is located about 15 miles southwest of Manhattan. It is one of the first international airports in the United States and continues to be in the top 15 list of busiest airports. It has three terminals and is a major hub for United Airlines.

The AirTran is available to passengers free of charge transporting passengers quickly between terminals, parking lots and nearby train stations including Penn Station. The airport also offers complimentary WiFi throughout the airport for the first 30 minutes (and hourly charges thereafter)


There are a number of parking options available to passengers including short-term, daily and long-term options.

Short-term parking

All the terminals offer short-term parking solutions with pricing starting at $4.00/half hour, $8/hour and with each additional 1/2 hour for $4.00 and a maximum fee of $39/day. These are located across from the A, B and C terminals.

Daily Parking

The pay structure is similar to short-term starting at $4.00/half hour, $8/hour and with each additional 1/2 hour for $4.00 but capping out at $27/day. These lots offer a nearby AirTran terminal.

Long-term Parking

These lots are located about 3 miles from the airport itself and offer reduced rates for extended parking at rates of $18/day. There is free shuttle service from these locations to all three terminals departing every 12 minutes.

Where to Eat & Drink at EWR

Newark Airport has undergone many renovations over the years and how hosts a great selection of places to eat & drink. The majority of these establishments can be located in Terminal C. These include Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse featuring a state of the art ordering system and quality Italian influenced cuisine. Custom Burger is another great choice for people on the go and great burgers and a beer bar. For a complete list of Food, Drink and Shopping at Terminal C visit see this list of options.

The other terminals also offer options like Champps kitchen & bar and for the fast-food connoisseur there’s a Wendy’s Here is a list of options for Terminal B and Terminal C.

EWR Airport Lounges

As a large hub for United Airlines Newark Airport several lounge areas for United club members. There are two options in Terminal C and one in Terminal A. There are also several international lounges available in Terminal B including British Airways, Lufthansa, and the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. The Art & Lounge in Terminal B also offers accomodations to all passengers at a fixed price of $35/day.