5 Ways to Get Through the Airport Faster

airport travelWe all like to travel. And a lot of you would like to be jetsetters 24/7; that being said, it is likely that you hate how long it often takes you to get through an airport. (Are we right?) From the lengthy check-in process to dealing with delays and long security lines, navigating the airport could drive even the most patient and tranquil travelers insane.

If you save a couple of extra minutes here and there along your way, it could really add up in your favor. We will share five airport tips that can get you from the front door to your airplane seat as quickly, efficiently and as painlessly as possible.

1. Check-in Online

Although it is such an easy and simple step, there are so many people who do not check-in to their flights online when it should be a no-brainer! If you spend the extra five or ten minutes to check-in online, print the boarding pass and review the flight time, it could save you plenty of grief when you are at the airport.

Keep in mind that TSA allows you to scan your boarding pass right from the smartphone; as a result, there is no excuse for not doing so! A majority of airlines have convenient apps that can help expedite the process further; therefore, make sure you download the correct app before you travel.

2. Wear a Sweatshirt or Jacket with Pockets

Rather than throwing all you have in the pants pockets (such as money, keys, wallet, and cellphone) into one of the bins – which are like black holes – keep them in your sweatshirt or jacket pockets and then place it into the bin.

This way you will not hold up the line when you are trying to locate the twenty pennies that you recklessly tossed in that endless abyss of an airport security bin. Instead, you could just grab the jacket or sweatshirt and empty your pockets back into the pants as soon as you have a little extra time at the gate.

3. TSA Pre-Check

Signing up for TSA Pre-Check (and thereby Global Entry, since Global Entry automatically comes with TSA Pre-Check) is a great tool to have if you are a frequent flyer. With this, you would have access to an expedited and efficient security line, and reduced security measures.

If you are a TSA Pre-Check flyer, you will not need to remove your belt, shoes, light jacket or even your laptop from your bag. Keep in mind that Pre-Check is now available at over 200 airports and 37 airlines.

In case you do not have expedited security that comes with TSA Pre-Check but you want to enroll, do not forget that many credit cards would offer you an account credit if you sign up for the Pre-Check or Global Entry programs.

4. Fly at the Best Times

Every year your hear horror stories when it comes to airport lines around holidays, in particular the day before Thanksgiving. With so many travelers using the country’s airports especially during peak times, you would like to pick the flight times carefully and wisely.

Try your best to avoid flights that depart at peak times like Friday afternoons between four pm and eight pm. This is because a majority of business travelers head home from work weeks while leisure travelers head out for their weekend trips at these times.

5. Check Wait times Online

Keep in mind that airport security lines could be a little bit of a gamble. You may have witnessed how an airport with zero wait can quickly turn into a messy nightmare in just a few minutes. While there is no denying that you cannot plan for each and every possible worst case scenario, you could certainly plan ahead if you check airport wait times through the TSA app.

The app lets you see airport wait times in real time; it is an underused service which could end up saving you a lot of hassle and stress at an airport. And although it may sound like a no-brainer, make sure you also check the flight status.

So, there is really no need for you to rush to the airport in case you already know that the flight is three hours late. A lot of airlines would text you if your flight is delayed which requires no effort on your part. It is that simple.

We’re Here For You

While going to the airport might seem like gloom and doom, you can use these tips to get through the airport much faster than your traveling peers. Sign up for TSA Pre-Check, dress appropriately, check wait times online and fly at the best times to avoid the hassle and inconvenience. Contact us today for a great fare and a comfortable no-hassle ride to or from the airport.